Florian Weidner


Dr.-Ing. Florian Weidner

Computer Scientist (HCI, AR/VR/XR, Human Factors)

Postdoctoral Researcher @ Lancaster University (https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/scc/research/interactive-systems/)

Postdoctoral Researcher @ TU Ilmenau (https://www.tu-ilmenau.de/vwds/)

hello [at] florianweidner [dot] de


Researcher. Media Computer Science. Books. Audiobooks. Moutainbiking. Runner. Squash. Tideness. Wanderlust. New things. Relax. Spring. Museums. Theaters. Sitcoms. Friends. Programmer. Tech-lover. Trekkie. Lord Of The Rings. Science. Comics. Knights. Future.